West Virginia University Studies for Victimhood

Security Breach: The Murder of Tod McQuaid is used in West Virginia University Victimhood study within Dr. Nolan's "Criminal Justice Systems" course.  The student is asked to accept the Victimhood emotions for a short vicarious reading experience as the author, Jan McQuaid, presents her memoir recounting her experiences. The empathetic responses are discussion material.

Books are delivered to each individual as ordered using School Order Form *.

The McQuaid's postscript Victimhood#2 * experiences as caused by criminal justice professionals are also shared within Jan's Web Site. This study material shows victims' resolve after being denied victims' rights. It permits student to study wrong criminal justice (due to omission and error faults of the "State").

Proceeds from author inscribed books help Jan and Rog McQuaid fund 1000 books being gifted to school libraries or public libraries in the name of victims' rights volunteers *.

You can contact Jan McQuaid at E-mail: Jan@janmcquaid.com or

Jan McQuaid, PO Box 101112, Pittsburgh, PA 15237.

Note: Any excess payment is considered a donation to Jan's favorite charity (Parents Of Murdered Children - www.pomc.org) for their general Victimhood concerns.

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